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The Difference between OS1 and OS2 Optical Fibre. Why it Matters?

OS1 and OS2, short for Optical Single-mode 1 and Optical Single-mode 2, are fibre optic cable standards. The term single-mode indicates that the fibre optic cable has only one mode of transmission. A single-mode fibre features a single strand that transmits a single ray of light (referred to as the mode). Another fibre optic cable […]

How does a Fibre Optic Cable work?

Using a cable that was capable of sending signals few miles away was hard to imagine, a couple of decades back. Communication was geographically limited as conventional copper cables were incapable of high-speed and long-distance transmission. With the invention of fibre optic cables, the speed of communication rocketed. And, today transmission around the globe takes […]

How to Choose the Best Fusion Splicer?

Fibre optic technicians regularly use fusion splicers to melt and fuse the end-face of an optical fibre with another. The objective of fusion splicing is to join two glass fibres permanently to facilitate continual optical communication without any signal loss. Fusion splicers are indispensable when it comes to installing aerial cables, underwater cables, underground cables […]